Amazing Transformations

Week 2

Week 2

Week 2

“I’ve been using Thriva Luxe for 7 days (morning & night) and the results already have me blown away. My skin looks & feels refreshed, hydrated, my pores have noticeable shrunk & the black heads on my nose are gone (I’ve literally had them forever & tried everything to get rid of them)Expect the unexpected is perfect for these products because I did not expect to see such results & so fast! I am truly amazed!!” – Christina

” I have been using Thriva for 3 weeks and I am completely amazed at how my skin has changed! My pores are shrinking, the dark circles under my eyes are getting lighter and my skin over all just seems to glow. I’m so happy that I tried this product and decided to invest in myself!” – Amanda

Pores shrinking in just one week

Week 1
“I can’t believe after just one week of using the Thriva Luxe Super Serum and Daily Moisturizer the difference it has made on my face! I have a glow now and my skin looks so much firmer with a more even complexion!” – Vicky

“You guys!!! I would never post a photo of myself without makeup on. BUT! My cousin started a skin care line and it pretty much works miracles! @thrivaluxe is all natural skin care infused with CBD oil! The anti-aging and antioxidant properties of this line has my skin glowing after just 3 weeks!! My before photo I was working day shifts and the after photo I’ve been on nights! The serum, eye cream and face lotion feel amazing on my skin and are so soothing. I can’t wait to see what another 3 weeks bring!! Please check her out, I cannot speak highly enough of her product!! #expecttheunexpected#thrivaluxe “– Allison, TX

3 weeks! 3 WEEKS on Thriva!!! Talk about Eye Revive standing true to its name! Bye Bye dark circles! Expect the Unexpected ??