The Birth of Thriva


My name is Erika Toy. I’m a happily married mother of 4 from Youngstown, Ohio. In January 2018 I was introduced to the powerful benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Compounds from my father so I started to try it for myself. The results have been truly life changing. I’ve battled psoriasis from my early teenage years…now the little red bumps on the back of my arms no longer exist and my arms are left smooth without the use of harsh acids that are used topically to treat psoriasis. At 36 years old I FINALLY found natural relief that works! My eyelid dermatitis that I struggled with for nearly 3 years is gone. I know longer suffer from depilating migraines, allergies/sinus flare ups are less severe and my focus is laser sharp…after incredible, almost instantaneous results, I knew I had to share! I combined my passions for living a healthy, natural lifestyle and skin care to create Thriva Luxe. All of our products are free of THC.

Expect the unexpected when you try Thriva & don’t forget to stay calm & Thriva on!

~Erika Toy

Thriva Luxe